Visitors to Dinosaurs Alive happening on February 6 to March 3 at the Southwing open parking area of SM City Bacolod can step back in time to period between 65 to 245 million years ago.  Featuring 10 life-sized dinosaurs on display in Dinosaurs Alive! in a spectacular outdoor Jurassic forest setting. The multi-sensory and interactive dinosaur exhibit brings inspiration, science and technology together where guests also hear the sounds and see the movements of 10 full-sized creations made to replicate nearly every feature of the dinosaurs. Each of the animatronic dinosaurs is hand-carved and covered with a skin-like material. 

Highlights of Dinosaurs Alive! includes the lizard-like Stegosaurus, the meat eating Tyrannosaurus Rex, the three horned Triceratops, the flying Pteranodon and the beloved long-neck Apatosaurus. The dinosaurs have interactive consoles which allow guests to guide dinosaur movement so they can see how scientists believe each dinosaur moved its arms, tail, mouth and eyes. “Dinosaurs Alive! is a first of a kind attraction for the people of Bacolod City and reflects our commitment to providing our guests with world-class fun and family entertainment. “The sights, sounds and movements of the life-like dinosaurs will excite and educate guests of all ages.” 

The Australian-based company Stageworks and Your Events Show Plus Corporation created the dinosaurs, which are scientifically accurate based on the latest paleontological knowledge. Dinosaurs Alive will be open daily from 8am to 9pm.  Tickets prices are at P300 for any person and there is a family package of 4 persons (regardless of age) priced at P1,000. Visit the ticket booth located at SM City Bacolod for ticket sales and information.

Dinosaurs Alive is a must-see educational exhibit experience for the whole family!