Whether you’re headed to a wintry white Christmas to visit friends and families, or simply on your way to a snowbound adventure, Surplus has all the cool ways to keep you warm.

HOODED HOLIDAY.  Cool padded jackets in blue, gray and beige tones with hoods.

There’s nothing like snuggling in style with Surplus’s collection of jazzed up padded winter jackets that you can mix or match with your holiday wardrobe. There are soft and cozy padded jackets to keep you warm . . . wind and water resistant lightweight jackets to protect your from the wind’s chill . . . padded down jackets for a winter holiday.  Hoods and pretty faux fur accents add attitude to your winter-inspired look.

 Snuggle up in style this holiday season with Surplus's padded jackets, 
knitted scarves and beanie hats.

You’ll have fun matching these with Surplus’ collection of scarves, mufflers, and beanie hats that will give you additional warmth.  And here’s the good news, Surplus has also stylish fleece blankets that will keep you warm this season for only P149.75.

 Stylish lightweight water resistant padded jackets.

Great for winter warmth and style or as gifts for family and friends abroad, the collection is available all year round at Surplus stores located at most SM Supermalls.

 Stylish fleece blankets that will keep you warm this season for only P149.75