An entry to the My SM Story Contest
Submitted by Eunice F. Jimenez

 Anya is my one year old niece.  She’s a chubby, cute, little baby.  She likes Barney and Rora (Dora).  She adores her Tita, Tito, Mommy, Daddy, LOla and most especially her Lolo.  And she loves going to her playground – SM Bacolod.

The moment we get off the car, she would immediately run to the entrance.  The guards are now probably familiar with her since she goes to SM every day.  Yes, you read that right.  She goes to SM every day.  She would then go to the Toy Section and it’s as if she knows where to find it.  She would go there and just stare at the dolls or the toy trains.  The salesladies would sometimes be kind enough to show her the new toys on display.  Her next stop would be the arcade where she would watch other kids dancing or playing.  She would then go to one of the kid’s rides and look at her Lolo with pleading eyes as if saying “Please buy me a token to make this thing run.”:  She would then go to the video store to add another Barney DVD to her collection.  Her Lolo is amazed at how she can lead him to the video store.  Can a one year old child really know her direction?  And lastly, she would go to her favorite fast food place and eat spaghetti.  And yes, mess up her wardrobe.

I don’t know what it is that Anya finds amazing in SM Bacolod but every time we take her there, her eyes would immediately light up.  It must be the spaciousness of the place or the brightness of the lights or the shining floor tiles or the sounds coming from the arcade.  All these put together, plus the presence of her Lolo, would never fail to make Anya smile.

The next time you see a one year old, chubby, little baby running around SM, screaming her heart out and smiling at every one she meets, that would be Anya.  And she is happily playing at her playground.