In 1938, a young Ilonggo culinary entrepreneur, Federico Guillergan Sr., (nickname, Deco), pioneered in serving a soup from a mixture of meat stock flavored with locally concocted condiments, herbs and spices. His invention became an instant hit as hungry customers crowded his makeshift carinderia inside La Paz Public Market in Iloilo City. From the lowly cargadores to well-heeled matrons of Iloilo high society, all flocked to his humble place inside the market.

The fame of the biting, hot soup became widespread that it attracted Chinese businessmen in the city. To cater to their clamor, Deco added noodles to the soup. Whenever satisfied customers would ask him about the name of his invention, he would jokingly answer, “BAT-CHOY”. The rest is history.

Today La Paz batchoy comes to you in various combinations, Meke Batchoy, Bihon Batchoy, and Misua Batchoy.

With one’s choice of Pre-war Pandesal; Manapla Puto; or equally historical pandesal ni Pa-a, a bowl of La Paz batchoy will prove to be filling and satisfying. 

Chicharon toppings, generous helpings of garlic, unlimited hot soup and an indulgence of green spring onions can be readily had in all Deco’s La Paz Batchoy outlets.

Get a taste of Ilonggo History!
Deco’s La Paz Batchoy.