• Started 2009 October 25, SMAC Members-PLDT Subscribers can earn SMAC points;
  • Eligible customers must register their SM Advantage Card to PLDT rewards program before they can be awarded with points;
  • Only (1) SMAC number may be registered for one (1) PLDT account number;
  • There can be multiple PLDT account numbers that can be registered to one (1) SMAC number;

Registration can be done thru the following :
  • Any PLDT Office 
  • 171
  • Filling up of Appilcation Form solicited by PLDT agents
  • PLDT website:  www.pldt.com.ph/telerewards 
  • PLDT and MCI reserves the right to validate the application and reject application found not to have complied with the requirements of the program.
SMAC Members will earn additional 50 bonus points when they register until November 15, 2009.