SM celebrates the MassKara Festival with a loud bang! Now on its 3rd year, the Sigaboom 2009 Drumbeating Competition continues to showcase the Pinoy’s genuine talent for percussive drum playing, and choreographed dance and costume merging ethnic and modern styles.

The contest will be held on October 18, 2009 at 6:30 PM at the Northwing Fiesta Strip of SM City Bacolod.

The contest is open to the general public. The competition shall be an “Open Category” competition, hence, all amateur and professional musicians, drumbeaters /percussionists, dancers, and the general public may join, provided they meet all requirements and adhere to the rules and regulations of the competition.

Teams must have a minimum of at least eleven (11) members and a maximum of 18 members. This shall be inclusive of performers, to include drumbeaters/percussionists, and dancers. In the event that the total number of applicants exceed twelve (12), SM City Bacolod shall have the discretion to set up a screening / elimination date, and announce screening rules, and screening date/s to the public.

Interested drumbeating teams shall register by filling up an application form October 15, 2009 at 5PM at the Marketing Department of SM Mall Admin Office.

All applicants are required to fill up the official registration form. The designated team leader shall be the authorized person to fill out the form. However, all individual members of the team are to sign in the registration form. An applicant or any member of the competing teams, can apply only once. No member of a participating team can join two or more teams. 

The Grand Champion will receive P20,000 (10,000 cash/10,000 SM Gift Certificates) while the Second and Third Placers will get P10,000 ( 5,000 cash/5,000 SM Gift Certificates) and P5000 ( 2,500 cash/2500 SM Gift Certificates ), respectively.

Another P5,000 cash will be given to teams that will be awarded Best Dancers, Most Green Bag Votes and Most creative. A P2,500 cash and P2,500 SM Gift Certificates will be given to a team which will be declared Best in Costume.